He’s a gorgeous trickster Fae, and he holds the key to the only thing I’ve ever wanted— what could go wrong?

Ever since I was a little witch, all I’ve wanted was to join the elite jewelry enchanter’s guild. No matter how many gems I perfectly bewitch or how many perfect bespelled rings I craft, nothing I create sparkles enough for them. After my latest rejection, I’m starting to think I’ll never be good enough for anyone.

But when Caelan, an Underhill Fae of the worst sort, appears in my cozy small-town spreading stories of dragonite sapphires, I know exactly what I have to do: blackmail him into leading me straight to the gems. Enchanting one of those bad boys will have to make the guild see reason.

My fellow witches all think I’ve lost my mind. His own companions say he’s the worst kind of rogue, and trouble follows wherever he goes.

As for me? The gorgeous, fanged trickster Fae seems to have the solution to the only thing I’ve wished for— and something I didn’t even know I needed… him.

The Fae Promises series is a cozy, low-stakes, spicy fantasy romance, all set in the picturesque small-town of the Wild Oak Woods world.



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